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Associate of Arts Degree

Beginning in 2020, Trinity has offered a pathway to an AA degree while in high school!

Trinity has partnered with Colorado Christian University in the development of an Associates of Arts pathway in Liberal Arts. Trinity was the first school to which CCU awarded degrees, with five seniors receiving their AA degrees alongside their Trinity diplomas at Trinity’s graduation in June 2020. Each year, more graduates are taking advantage of the opportunity.

The AA track is an optional track available to students interested in earning their AA degrees. The track requires 60 units (36 units in specific GE categories and 24 units of elective credit).

Students who choose this optional pathway accomplish the 60 units through a combination of Trinity dual credit courses taken over multiple years in Rhetoric School, AP test results of a 4 or better, and outside college coursework from colleges and universities.





Rachel Dever, class of 2020 (and a Lifetime Knight), was one of the five students who earned their AA degree while at Trinity. In 2023, sixteen out of our 38 graduates earned theirs!

2022 AA Recipients

2021 AA Recipients