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Physical Education

We believe that regular daily physical activity contributes to good health, function, and well-being, and is Biblically inspired throughout a person’s lifetime (Proverbs 24:5). Therefore, it is our desire to partner with each family in our community to help our students participate in regular physical activity. Our curriculum combines a long-term view of promoting regular physical activity while teaching structured physical experiences that enrich fundamental motor skills to help all students gain the confidence and courage to participate in Trinity athletics in the future.

PE Department Staff

Mackenzie Betteridge

Mackenzie Betteridge

Titles: Teacher Assistant, Logic School PE
Ivette DeMarois

Ivette DeMarois

Titles: Physical Education, Grammar and Logic School
James DeMonbrun

James DeMonbrun

Titles: Director of Athletics, Grammar & Logic School, Head Coach, Varsity Girls Basketball, Digital Arts Teacher, Sports Information Coordinator

YOU CAN apply for a non-school related physical activity credit for your upper school student. Trinity students who participate in physical activity outside of school athletics may qualify to receive 1 credit towards their physical education requirement. 

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