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Mrs. Rita Davidson's passion and humor keep students engaged

Through the study of Mathematics, students see the order, precision, creativity, and consistency of God's creation. They come to understand the immutability of God through the fascinating immutability of the number systems. Students learn how to reason logically and stick with a problem until it is solved. They have the opportunity to discover and ponder basic mathematical facts for each discipline as well as memorize and master these facts. Both conceptual and practical understanding of mathematics is emphasized through the frequent use of natural world problems.

The Rhetoric School math curriculum is designed to provide students with exceptional instruction and cumulative knowledge in Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry through Calculus as well as Math Theory and Statistics. Students have the ability to choose from a variety of Rhetoric School math classes, depending on their aptitude and future educational plans. We live in a world which is increasingly oriented toward mathematical knowledge, and our students are prepared to step into university-level math courses with confidence and a high level of competency.

Our goal in the Mathematics Department is to produce students who ~

  • Develop an appreciation of the beauty of mathematics, by perceiving its elegance, order, simplicity, unity, and perfection.
  • Driven by wonder, think meticulously, systematically, and creatively.
  • Are willing to persevere in observation and contemplation of mathematics.
  • Humbly love and help others as they struggle in math.
  • Understand the development of math through history and how other cultures and peoples have viewed mathematics.
  • Develop a well-ordered mind, and the ability to interpret, analyze and solve problems.
  • Perceive how all things hold together in Christ (Col. 1:14 – 18), specifically that all math is orderly and works together as observed in the world around us, and all subjects are interrelated and complimentary.
  • Master and retain the most relevant mathematical concepts to prepare for university-level math courses as well as SAT testing.