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Foreign Language

Mrs. Banduk, Languages Chair

The serious study of foreign language provides multiple benefits to the classically educated student. On the one hand, the study of Latin in the middle years provides an application for the study of English grammar, which our students begin as soon as they can read. There are cognitive benefits as well, that accompany classical language study. The mental processes that are honed in Trinity’s Logic School (grades 7-8) are strengthened by the whole curriculum— sequential thinking and the application of rules from one context to another are each aided by math, logic, and Latin.

Our goal is to produce young men and women who ~

  • Will develop a deep understanding and a solid foundation for what it means to study and learn a foreign language well.
  • Will acquire love, respect, and have appreciation for other languages as part of God’s creation.
  • Will learn that each language as part of God’s creation has its own pronunciation, grammar rules, peculiarities, idiosyncrasies, and beauty that are to be admired and are worthy of being studied.
  • Will learn that different languages both separate and unite us.

In the Rhetoric School students continue their Latin study through a collegiate level (AP). Students who learn Latin will deepen their appreciation for the foundations of western culture as they learn to read the ideas of Latin-speaking politicians, poets, and theologians.