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Humanities classroom with teacher lecturing and student writing on the board

Mr. Shea Ramquist's Humanities classroom always provokes interesting discussions


The studia humanitatis pursue two questions: Who is man? How should humans live? At Trinity, the disciplines of the Humanities - Bible, History, Literature, and Rhetoric - engage these questions in a chronological exploration of human culture. By studying the causes and consequences of different answers to these questions across time and cultures, students will gain an understanding of the power of ideas to shape human life and thought. In every Humanities class, students will practice the arts of attentive reading, skillful writing, and dialectical engagement that is courageous and charitable.

As a result of Humanities instruction at Trinity, students will:

  • Cultivate a love of and discernment for goodness, truth, and beauty, all in imitation of Christ.
  • Develop skillful reading, verbal articulation, and adept writing.
  • Enter into the Great Conversation of ideas, learning to ask and answer good questions.
  • Cultivate coherent capacities for wonder, humility, work, and leisure.
  • Train to see how all things hold together in Christ.
  • Through scholarship and the activities of the Humanities, be provoked to love and service for one another.
  • Learn how to be happy.
  • Pursue and attain true knowledge of self.
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