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College Visits

Many colleges visit us! We have representatives from many universities come to us during our lunch hour to share what they have to offer with our students.

We also have a college fair that happens on our campus annually where multiple colleges come to share their opportunities.

We encourage our students to attend college fairs locally and to visit colleges on their own. Family vacations out of town and out of state are great opportunities to check out colleges in those places you're already visiting. It's nice to see how large and small campuses compare, tour the dorms and facilities, talk to the staff, faculty, students and coaches. These are things that can't be experienced on a website or virtual tour. Consider things like weather, living arrangements, dining options, extracurricular opportunities, travel expenses if it's a long distance from home, and whether it's important to attend a Christian college or if a secular college might be preferred.

Attn: Colleges
To schedule a campus visit, please logon to or contact Lily Pfeiffer @