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Imago Dei Crest
  • Imago Dei School
  • Special Education
Libertas Crest
  • Libertas Preparatory School
  • Independent Study

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Academic Departments

As a classical, Christian, college preparatory school, serving grades TK-12, our academic departments relate primarily to upper school. Grammar School teachers teach all primary subjects, with auxiliary faculty teaching art, music, PE and Latin.

Our Upper School (grades 7-12) is served by faculty in the various academic departments, led by department chairs. A Dean of Logic School supervises 7-8 grades. The entire program is overseen by the Principal of the Upper School. Trinity offers a rigorous curriculum designed to meet the needs and interests of a wide range of abilities, career goals and interests.

Liberal Arts
Trinity’s entire curriculum is built around the language component of the classical liberal arts (the trivium): grammar, logic, and rhetoric. These disciplines have formed the platform for learning in every other discipline for more than 2,000 years. We believe that mastery of the English language in the manner prescribed by the liberal arts is crucial to successful learning and to the preparation of society’s future leaders.

In the Rhetoric School, students build on their knowledge of English and Latin grammar, basic academic writing skills, and basic logic. In addition to these integrated elements of the curriculum, students’ progress through a sequence of rhetorical studies is designed to equip them with practical skills of argumentation, persuasion, and civil public discourse.