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Our History

Trinity Classical Academy was founded with a vision to become a K-12 Christian, classical, college preparatory academy serving the Santa Clarita Valley and beyond. Trinity Classical Academy’s Mission is to offer a challenging education grounded in the Christian faith and the classical tradition to produce young men and women of virtue, wisdom, purpose and courage.

Though providing a rigorous college preparatory education, steeped in the classical tradition and taught through a distinctly Christian worldview was a daunting task, that dream became a mission, and from the start God was with us. He brought passionate people to Trinity and provided expert guidance from people who had also started Christian schools. He gave our founding leadership a vision for a K-12 school that would be a shining light in the Santa Clarita Valley.

After several years of planning, we opened in 2001 with only 28 students in kindergarten through 2nd grade. We were small and humble, but from the first day it was apparent that there was something distinctive and exciting about our school. Students were learning at an amazing pace and they were learning about God every step of the way.

Word began to spread that there was a new Christian school in town that was producing amazing results. New families began to enroll. Each year we added another grade level, and each year more families came. In 2006, the demand grew so much that we had to add another kindergarten class and now we have two tracks in kindergarten through 6th grade and three tracks in 7th-12th grades. We added one class of transitional kindergarten in 2015.

Trinity has grown to over 540 students in grades transitional kindergarten (TK) through 12th grade for the 2017-18 school year. Our consultants from Paideia Inc., who have helped hundreds of Christian schools get started, are astounded. They tell us they have never seen a Christian school grow so rapidly while staying so true to their original vision.

Our state-of-the-art school facility is located on the NorthPark Community Church campus. We are enjoying the expansive classrooms and recreation areas and we look forward to phase 2 of the campus which will include a gym and additional classrooms.

All of us at Trinity feel truly fortunate to be a part of something that God is so richly blessing. We realize that there are a number of educational options available to parents and we feel honored that so many are choosing Trinity for their children’s schooling.

Wally and Liz Caddow, founders of Trinity Classical Academy.