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The Classical Academy Podcast

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Are the stars, planets, and the galaxies in the night sky just a swirling mass of chaos? Or a divine dance of beauty, harmony, and order? And does being a Christian help or hinder our quest to understand the universe—and our place in it? Find out how studying Johannes Kepler’s revolutionary approach to classical astronomy helps us answer these questions.

Ancient writing teachers trained students to produce powerful and elegant writing on command. How? Through a writing practice called the “Chreia.” Find out how the Chreia works and how it trains students in wisdom.

How do weasels live? And why would a famous writer like Annie Dillard write a stylish, provocative, and potentially life-changing essay about living like one? 

Literacy is the foundation of all learning. But learning to read English can seem messy, illogical, even random. It doesn’t have to be, though. Find out how the “Logic of English” program makes reading clear and simple.

The Bible and Ancient Greek and Roman education: do these really go together? Joe Rigney, theologian and author of Live Like A Narnian, joins us to explain how the Biblical pattern of priest, king, and prophet gives us a model for raising mature, thoughtful students, ready to engage and transform the world.

Raising teens has never been easy. But add smartphones and a pandemic: it’s a recipe for toxic stress. We see it at home and in the classroom. How can parents help teens overcome today’s challenges? Bjorn Bjornsson, a pastor and licensed marriage and family therapist, helps us find out.

Boethius weeps in prison. Devotion to virtue, study, and public service resulted only in false accusations and a death sentence. Stripped of his career, his books, his family, all that remains is what he carries in his soul. Yet, Boethius picks up a pen, and pours out a masterpiece of philosophical depth and poetic beauty. How should a classically educated Christian respond in the face of suffering and evil? 

Today’s technologies flood us with an endless stream of information—and it’s making our minds and hearts sick. How can we find health and seek wisdom in our digital age? Brett McCracken, author and senior editor at the Gospel Coalition website, shares the strategy from his book, The Wisdom Pyramid.

A foolish king, an unjust law, a young woman grieving a family tragedy: it's the recipe for gut-wrenching, nail-biting drama in Sophocles’ Antigone. This timeless play—written by ancient Greece’s greatest playwright—dives into the depths of the human condition and asks “is there hope in a tragic world?” 

A special note: Trinity Classical Academy’s Rhetoric School theater class will perform Antigone on January 13-14, 2022. We hope to see you there!

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Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter: movies move our hearts and form our minds. How does classical Christian education equip students to see the deeper meanings of movies, and even start making their own? Feature film director and Trinity film teacher Mark Gould shows us how.

A bride who dies to live. A groom deceived by comrades. An unexpected romance. A buffoon constable who actually uncovers the truth. Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing has all this and more. But does this comedy about “nothing” contain hidden depths? 

Legendary swords, mead halls, and gory monsters fill the Old English tale of Beowulf. But what can the story teach us about heroism and faith during dark times? 

The Constitution is a true national treasure. What happens when classical Christian students study it, debate it, memorize it? And on the senior trip to DC, did Mrs. Caddow try to steal it?  

Latin: isn’t it too difficult, too grammar-focused, too ... useless? Not at all! Find out why Latin is so rewarding to study—and how you might already speak Latin without knowing it. 

Euclid’s Elements of Geometry set the standard for mathematical thinking for over 2000 years. In studying carefully crafted proofs, students learn not only geometry and logic—they encounter the beauty of God’s universe. 

Why should Classical Christian students read a 3000-year-old story about war, pagan gods, and glory? Well, after the Bible, Homer’s Iliad may be Western civilization’s most powerful book.


How can you tell if an education works? Look at the graduates. In this episode, we look at a report from the University of Notre Dame called “The Classical Difference,” a survey of thousands of graduates from various types of schools. How does classical Christian education stack up?

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Parents know that classical education teaches students to be excellent readers and writers. But what about math and science? What if classical education can provide future engineers the secret to their success? We interview STEM "power couple" Atherton and Sarah Carty—aerospace engineer and Trinity math teacher—to find out.

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