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Trinity Seniors Receive Their Associate of Arts Degrees

On April 6th, Trinity Classical Academy hosted its first Associate of Arts Degree Celebration to recognize the students from the class of 2022 who have earned their AA degrees alongside their Trinity diplomas. We were pleased to celebrate this significant milestone in their academic careers.

Mrs. Loni Black, Assistant Director of the Dual Credit and the Associate of Arts Programs, opened the program by welcoming the seniors and their parents, along with guests from Colorado Christian University, and providing a brief history of the program. In 2020 Trinity partnered with CCU in the development of an Associates of Arts pathway in Liberal Arts. This pathway is an optional track available to students interested in earning their AA degrees. The track requires 60 units (36 units in specific General Education categories and 24 units of elective credit). Students who choose this program complete the 60 units through a combination of dual credit courses taken over their years in Rhetoric School, AP test results of a 4 or better, and outside coursework done at other colleges or universities.

Trinity was the first school to which CCU Academy awarded these degrees. In 2020, there were five seniors receiving their AA degrees alongside their Trinity diplomas. In 2021, 15 seniors earned their AA degrees.  This year's senior class boasted a record 18 seniors finishing the year with an AA degree, which represents over 50% of the class of 2022!

Many of these seniors participated in multiple sports teams, fine arts groups, and leadership groups. They worked jobs, took care of family members, and volunteered at service events, all while pursuing a rigorous academic schedule at Trinity and being a part of the Associate of Arts program. For the majority of students there were extra classes to take and transfer in from an outside college or university. Students are now on the final leg of their journey with only a few weeks left to go, and we were pleased to recognize their accomplishment.

Liz Caddow, Trinity’s Head of School, praised the work ethic of these students, noting how proud the school is of their accomplishments both at Trinity and in the AA program. Teresa Woodburn, Dean of the Colorado Christian University Academy, addressed the students with words of encouragement about their future and handed them their diplomas.

Congratulations to:

Aiden James Checketts

Savannah Cunningham

Amy Ruth Dever

Brandon Michael Ewing

Diego J. Fu

Tyler Griesi

Daniella Alexa Hernandez

Arthur James Horning II

Andrew Samuel Ketenjian

Ryan James Kim

John Cervantes King

Ty Antonio Lipis

Lexi McWilliams

Lucas Joseph Mendoza

Chad Landis Mitchell

Danielle Mary Quayyum

Elise Anne Servera

Nathan Thomas

We were also blessed to be have representatives from CCU on campus that week to conduct classroom observations, and they were able to join us for our celebration of these hard-working students.

Thank you to our guests for joining us from Colorado Christian University:

Teresa Woodburn
Dean of CCU Academy

Kyle Scott
Assistant Dean of CCU Academy

Britt Snyder
Associate Dean of CCU Academy

Meghan Hickman
Assistant Director of Marketing for CCU Academy