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Upper School Finishes with Fun

Another year is in the books for our Upper School students. On Thursday, while 8th grade was enjoying a day at Disneyland, the rest of upper school (7th, 9th, 10th and 11th grades) had a fun afternoon of their own. After their last final exam, they went to the Celebration Center to worship together. Citizenship awards were given and those attending summer programs stood and were recognized by name and by the program they will enjoy. Classes were officially promoted to the next grade and then select teachers prayed over each grade with petitions specific to them, and Mrs. Davidson prayed over the faculty.

Rising Seniors were dismissed first to eat, followed by the rising Juniors. Trinity provided Chronic Tacos for everyone and free food is always a favorite! The rising 8th and 10th graders returned their textbooks and received their yearbooks. Then the students flipped duties and the 8th and 10th grades got their food and the juniors and seniors returned textbooks and received yearbooks.

There was lots of eating and yearbook signing, with music playing in the courtyard. There were Churros and ice cream available for purchase. Students were excitedly looking through the 2019 yearbook, themed "Illuminate" for photos of themselves, their friends, and their favorite activities. They were signing books, laughing and enjoying their last day celebration.

Then on Friday, our 8th grade class promoted into our Rhetoric School. Family and friends jammed the Celebration Center to overflowing capacity and watched each student walk down the aisle, dressed to impress on this special occasion. Citizenship awards were given, followed by academic awards for high grade point averages. Students were awarded medallions with different colors signifying their GPA.

Specific awards were given to high performing individuals in each discipline and the highest honor, The Shield of Virtue was awarded. Finally, all studdents walked across the stage to receive their promotion certificate and hear what House they were assigned to for Rhetoric School. House leadership from each House was on hand to give out House ties and welcome their new members into the fold.

Enjoy the photo galleries.

Congratulations to the following students for receiving high honors: 

Daniel Award - Excellence in Humanities - Teagan Heinze
Newton - Math/Science - Stella Palmisano
Virgil - Latin - Sam Robertson
Olympian Award - Nick Parrinello
David Award - Fine Arts - Aiden Leigh
Pericles - 8th grade orals - Lily Caddow
Shield of Virtue - Stella Palmisano

8th grade promotion photos

Last Day Celebration pics: