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Trinity Business Club

Trinity's Business Club began this school year with a course titled Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition. This is a comprehensive curriculum featuring video lessons taught by Dave Ramsey and his team of experts.  This curriculum taught in over 40% of high schools across the country. The course is presented by Andrew Pulford, the Club Advisor and Trinity’s Assistant Controller. The curriculum includes engaging video, classroom activities, student resources and a take-home text book for future reference. 

The Business Club was founded last year by Ben Wexler and Chet Chen, now seniors. They had some clearly defined  purposes:  To introduce the field of Business to students, to learn the value of money, to establish money-management skills, to teach students the basics of starting a business, to teach students how to invest in the stock market, and to make leaders out of the club members. Their desire to start the club stemmed from their own interest in business and making money.  “Our parents are business owners and Ben and I have started our own individual businesses selling goods on Instagram and Amazon,” said Chen. “We are interested in learning what makes a business successful," said Wexler. "We believe young people should learn the value of money and the life-long skill of how to manage it.”

Last year, the club focused on introducing the different types of careers and degrees within the Business field. Their first speaker, Mike Nesheim from The Master’s University came, along with one of his students, to discuss the various Business majors. Chen and Wexler expressed appreciation to the many successful parents within the Trinity community who also came to speak to the club, sharing their experiences in their given fields.

This year, Chen and Wexler were excited to bring Dave Ramsey's course to the Business Club.  “We have three Trinity parents and two other donors from the community to thank for this opportunity.  Chet and I approached them with the idea of bringing this curriculum to the Business Club. We’re extremely grateful!” exclaimed Wexler.  “We are! We feel so fortunate to learn this stuff. Especially before we graduate and leave for college,” Chen added. Ramsey is the host to the nationally syndicated The Dave Ramsey Show, the author of Financial Peace and the founder of Ramsey Solutions.  Ramsey Solutions provides biblically based, common-sense education that leads to financial freedom. Each of the 12 chapters covers important money topics that build financial confidence and inspire hope in our students’ lives.

The Trinity Business Club meets on Wednesdays at 11:40am in Room 101.  If interested in joining or learning more, please contact Chet Chen at, Ben Wexler at or Mr. Andrew Pulford at