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Success at the Forum Music Festival

Ensemble and individual recognition awards were given to Trinity musicians at the Forum Music Festival on Friday. One hundred students traveled to Fullerton for the event. The festival gives musicians the opportunity to perform and to be adjudicated.

Ensemble recognition was given to Crimson Choir and Symphony Orchestra, who were awarded GOLD, which means they fall in the top ten percentile in the nation. Choral Ensemble, Chorister Choir, and Jazz Band were awarded silver, the top twenty percentile in the U.S.

Individual recognition was given in the form of the Outstanding Musician Award. Recipients of that award were:

Eva Lintereur (Choral Ensemble)
Dylan Black (Crimson Choir)
Isabella Raju (Chorister Choir)
Spenser Rapier (Symphony Orchestra) 
Rae-Ann Ferraz (Jazz Round Table)

Congratulations to all our hard-working musicians!

They followed the festival with a trip to Knotts Berry Farm. This tradition is a reward for a year of hard work and an opportunity to join with teachers and parents and celebrate achievements in music.