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Latin Legion Isn't What you Might Think

For the first time this year, Latin Legion was offered as a co-curricular class after school. Many people probably assumed this would involve some Latin tutoring or extra help. But Mrs. Donna Seidman is much more fun than that! She treats it much like the Scouts program, where badges are earned for each activity. They built Roman roads, had Gladiator games, and a feast and fashion show.

The Latin language is woven through Roman culture, and the best way to teach culture to little ones is through activities. The brief Latin period of class doesn't allow for activities, so this Latin Legion is an ideal way to teach material in an interactive and enjoyable way.

Mrs. Seidman is the Information Chair for Excellence through Classics, which is a part of the American Classical League (ACL), the group that created the National Latin Exam.. She's proud to be a board member of this organization that promotes classics. She was able to get a grant from them for materials and supplies to support the Latin Legion program. She hopes to take the program to share with others at a conference over the summer that she will attend in New York City. When asked why she takes on this extra job, she said, "I have a passion for sharing Latin and I love getting resources to help students and to attend events to make me a better teacher."

Last summer, Seidman received a scholarship to attend the American Classical League Institute in Montana, which was a national conference. She found that East Coast schools still have a lot of Latin programs but that even with our small school in California, we have a lot of representation for our Latin programs and that was impressive to others in attendance and encouraging to her.

Latin Legion will be offered again next semester and registration is happening now. They are planning on exploring Roman theater and mask making, ancient art, architecture, geography and more!