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Imago Dei's Entrepreneurial Spirit

September 2018 - This year, our beloved Imago Dei teacher, Mr. Tim Smith, is leading out with our Transitions students to serve our community with some small business entrepreneurial spirit. The purpose is to serve our faculty and staff, thanking them for all their hard work. Their goals are to reinforce life skills and job skills like appropriate greeting, operating a cash register and developing a strong sense of money.

They are operating two business started with grant money from the Ken and Julie Jones Foundation. Screen printing of t-shirts has already begun with designs for our Cheer and Cross Country teams. A coffee kiosk will arrive in the fall.

For the t-shirt company, the students help to design the graphics, print them and marry transfer papers. T-shirt orders may be emailed to

Once the coffee kiosk opens, orders can be placed at the counter. Students will make menu signs, make coffee, load the cappuccino machine, dispense for sales, collect money, give change, present condiments and clean up.

Imago Dei School Principal Megan Howell shared that she is very encouraged for the students and excited to see how the businesses progress.



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