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Grammar School Finishes with Excellence

The final group to promote from Trinity is the Grammar School. They had their Olympic games on Tuesday. Students in all grades competed in base running, long jump, softball throw, batting, basketball, soccer, and obstacle course.

The competition ended with the annual favorite Tug-o-War between each class and the teachers. All classes beat the adults except for 6th grade who struggled and ultimately fell to the bigger, stronger, wiser teachers. Then awards were given to boys and girls in each class for first and second place in each event.

Finally, families gathered to enjoy a picnic lunch. They chose from pre-ordered Panera lunches or pizza. Gatorade and water were available and Kona Ice, Churros and ice cream were sold to help families stay cool in the heat. 

Used uniforms were on sale the whole time and many parents took advantage of an early opportunity to pick up uniforms for the fall of 2019.

Then on Wednesday, the Grammar School had their promotion ceremony. Each grade was reminded of some memories from their school year by a select sixth grader and then was promoted to the next grade by Mr. Richardson. After TK-5th promoted, the attention shifted to sixth grade. Awards were given for art, Latin, PE, music and the peer mentor program, Noble Knights. As each student crossed the stage to receive their certificate, their teachers read their names and their favorite memory. 

The final, and most prestigious award, the Sword of Merit, was awarded to Bianey Carter. The sixth grade class was promoted to the Logic School and then went up to the Celebration Center to be joined by their parents and watch a video slideshow commemorating their Grammar School years.

Enjoy the gallery of photos from the Olympics and click HERE to see the photos from promotion.