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Fall Fun Day was Super Fun!

The day before the break, students of all ages enjoyed Trinity's traditional Fall Fun Day! There were bouncers and face painting, a photo booth and treats, a petting zoo and powder puff football. It's always a busy day, with a lot of excitement and Mrs. Caddow chooses to "embrace the crazy" as her t-shirt expressed.

The day starts with the all school photo and and opportunities for re-takes. Rhetoric School girls then change for the Powder Puff games, paint their faces for the competition and get pumped up. The Rhetoric School boys get into the game as they change clothes, paint faces and put the final touches on their cheer routines.

The younger students anxiously await their turn to go out to the bouncers, get faces painted, take photos in the photo booth, buy treats, and visit the petting zoo. The day is always full, always fun, and this year the day did not disappoint. 

Enjoy the photo gallery and some additional photos on our photo site.