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Employment for Imago Dei Students

September 13, 2018 - The Imago Dei School is pleased to be working with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) in a new Student Services program to help young people with disabilities become employable, give them work experience and mentorship opportunities.

The program is for students aged 16-21 years old so it applies to our Rhetoric School students and Transitions students. Beau Howell led the charge over the summer, working at Saugus High School's cafeteria for the Hart District's summer school term. It was a paid internship where he got over 90 hours of experience in food handling and packaging, including safety practices like wearing gloves. He learned skills of being an employee, like being on time and following directions.

Mrs. Howell, Principal of Special Education, shared, "it's very exciting to give these young people opportunities to learn important skills that will help them to live independently."

This week, the DOR's Vivian Kimoto and Rafael Artiga came to school to practice interview techniques and discuss the qualities of a good employee with the students. They are preparing them for another paid internship at Salt Creek Grille which will begin this fall. The program will teach students not only the skills to prepare for success on the job, but also how to be advocates for themselves. They will also connect students with local professionals to offer real-world work experience.