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Commencement Speaker Announced

We are happy to announce that our speaker for the 2019 Commencement exercises will be Alden Smith, Professor of Classics and Associate Dean at Baylor University. 

Smith has a BA from Dickinson College, a Master of Arts from the University of Vermont, and a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.  Having begun his career at Rutgers University, Smith moved to Baylor in 1994 where he has served as Chair of Classics, Founding Director of Baylor in Italy, Director of the University Scholars Program, Director of the Honors Program, Chair of the Beall/Russell Lecturer Series and Associate Dean of the Honors College.

Dr. Smith has also served as president to the Vergilian Society and the Classical Association of the Middle West and South.  While holding these positions Smith has also kept his hand in teaching and research, having won the American Philological Association’s award for Excellence in Teaching, and having been named Master Teacher at Baylor.  He recently was awarded Baylor’s Cornelia Marshall Smith Teacher of the Year Award (2017).

We are honored to have Dr. Smith join us to speak to our graduating class of 2019.