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Civil War at Trinity

A tradition in sixth grade at Trinity, Civil War re-enactors are invited to make history come alive for students. Like all other "museums" at Trinity, students are required to choose a character and research them, write about them and prepare a presentation. Parents, faculty and other students come through the museum and see and hear all about the times and the people of the Civil War.

What makes this day stand out is that it's more than the museum. The re-enactors add something special to the day as they dress in costume and talk to the sixth graders about life during those times, showing them props and old guns. Typically, they even fire the guns out on the field, but this year, due to the rainy weather, they spent the afternoon at different stations inside. They learned from the actors about weapons, flags, military protocol, and even what is was like to wash the clothes of all the soldiers. The actors spent the day helping the students really understand a day in the life of a soldier during the Civil War.