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Imago Dei Crest
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  • Special Education
Libertas Crest
  • Libertas Preparatory School
  • Independent Study
Biology in Second Grade

Second grade got an early biology lesson on animal classifications complete with dissection! Second grade teacher Mrs. Eledge said, "We learned about the characteristics of fish in science. We also learned how to label the exterior and interior of the fish on paper. Then on a real fish the students got to find the caudal, pectoral, and dorsal fins while also identifying the anterior, posterior, ventral, and dorsal directions of the fishes body. When the fish was cut open they got to identify the gills, vertebra, and liver. This activity was a fun, hands-on way to bring our science unit on animal classification to life. Second grade teacher Mrs. Gray added, "It was messy but oh so much fun!!"