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A Young Author Among Us

What is the last fictional book that you read? Do you know how old the author was? Trinity now boasts a 14-year-old published author, freshman Amy Dever. Miss Dever was inspired to write after reading “The Coronation”, a book by her favorite author, Olivia Lynn Jarmusch, who strives to reach young women and inspire them to realize their true worth in Christ. Jarmusch also posts on her blog regularly and Amy discovered on that blog a ten-point checklist to write a novel. So she started writing “The Price of Royalty” .

Amy followed the checklist and made an adjustment at 100 pages when she realized that she hadn’t thought to divide her writing into chapters. She then began dividing by scenes and added chapters later. In January of this year, she began getting up at 5:30am to write, so as not to interfere with school, homework and other activities. Her motivation and drive was apparent to her folks so they supported and encouraged her, but they are clear that they have not driven this project and didn’t even know about it when she started it last fall. Their support has been limited to paying to have drafts printed at Office Max and to gift her with a one-year membership to a writing club that she found for young writers. Mom, Julie Dever, said, “She has already started two other books. Apparently, she just goes to Trinity on the side.”

Amy’s book, “The Price of Royalty”   is available for purchase here and will soon be available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble! Since Amy is not yet on social media, she will rely on her family and friends to spread the word. You can share the link on your social media pages or email it to your contacts. You can also write a review of the book on any website from which you purchase.

Trinity is very proud of Amy and looks forward to her next book!

Price of Royalty book cover