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A Unique Opportunity to Witness the Birth of a Calf

September 18, 2018 - Libertas students did not expect to witness the miracle of birth when they went on a field trip to the LA County Fair. The fair has lots of sights and sounds and smells and tastes, and they had fun learning about blacksmiths and all the amazing things that they make. They also learned about leather work. 

But the highlight of the trip was to see a calf being born!  Deanna Meadows, Libertas Co-Coordinator and mom described the event: "It was amazing to see how God has created nature in perfect plan and to work in harmony. First, we saw the 2 little white hooves in the sac.  (Did you know that the hooves are white and pliable in the sac? This way they can't cut the sac and/or hurt the momma!)  Then we saw the snout and head come out and soon the whole baby was out.  Momma started licking and cleaning her baby and removing the sac.  Soon baby was moving around and trying to stand.  The baby's hooves turned black within about 15 minutes, which means that they are no longer pliable and are now hard and ready to stand on!!  The baby was standing within 30 minutes of being born!  We were so fortunate to see the glorious gift of life!  Our God is amazing!"

There are some photos, but be warned before you click through that they are explicit.