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A Blustery Day for Grandparents

We know that God is always with us, but He isn't always blowing strong winds to remind us of His powerful presence. This morning, hundreds assembled in the chilly and windy courtyard for the Grandparents and Family Day presentation. Also acknowledged and honored this Veterans Day were the many veterans and first responders in attendance. 

Corporate Time followed, where every class from TK-12th grade demonstrated something they had been learning in class. There was variety and creativity and fun on full display. As always, guests also visited classrooms and got a first hand glimpse of how and what their students learn

Continued growth means continued flexibility and the organizers of the Grand Brunch began over the weekend to make alternate plans for brunch since they knew the courtyard would likely be too windy to be enjoyable. They set up brunch tables in the Celebration Center, Heritage Hall and other spaces so that everyone got to enjoy a delicious brunch and musical performances by the Fine Arts groups. They weren't all in the same space but the experience was similar, as grandparents, parents and friends enjoyed time with family in a multi-generational special time together.

Enjoy the photo gallery HERE.