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Upper School Finishes with Fun

Another year is in the books for our Upper School students. On Thursday, while 8th grade was enjoying a day at Disneyland, the rest of upper school (7th, 9th, 10th and 11th grades) had a fun afternoon of their own. After their last final exam, they went to the Celebration Center to worship together. Citizenship awards were given and those attending summer programs stood and were recognized by name and by the program they will enjoy. Classes were officially promoted to the next grade and then select teachers prayed over each grade with petitions specific to them, and Mrs. Davidson prayed over the faculty.

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Libertas Learning Museum

The first annual Libertas Learning Museum debuted at Trinity! Libertas students in grades K - 12 were recently invited to share a project, presentation or performance to highlight something they particularly enjoyed learning through their studies this year in the Libertas Preparatory Independent Study program at Trinity Classical Academy.  

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Assemblymember Christy Smith Visits Trinity

Trinity's Honor U.S. Government classes are often treated to guest speakers. Mrs. Caddow was very pleased to secure our newly elected Assemblymember for our district, Christy Smith. Both Caddow's class and Mr. Kulp's class were treated to an introduction to Mrs. Smith's experience prior to being elected, an overview of the structure of the state government, and some of the important issues facing our district. She left lots of time for Q & A and the students were all prepared with thoughtful questions.

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Special Agent Visit

Trinity's Honors U.S. Government classes, taught by Mrs. Caddow and Mr. Kulp, were enthralled and enlightened when Special Agent Jon Mosser of the FBI visited them to speak about the history of the FBI, its current role in government and what his position entails.

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