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Career Opportunities

Trinity is a special place to work and to go to school. Founded in 2001, it is one of the fastest growing classical, Christian schools in the country. It is a K-12 academy that seeks to not only teach, but to disciple students, in all grade levels and all levels of learning. Faculty and staff are regularly trained in the classical method, classroom management strategies, and strategies to include all types of learners. Additionally, faculty and staff are inspired and encouraged through regular worship and prayer and a culture of lifelong learning is fostered at “Inspiration Days” (commonly known as in-service days).


Please read our statement of faith and our mission statement and if you would like to be a part of what God is doing at Trinity, please email to request an application or a complete job description. 

Current Job Openings

Special Education Teacher

We are seeking individuals who will be responsible for planning, developing, teaching and evaluating special education programs for students in both self-contained and mainstream settings. Responsible for developing and implementing behavior plans in conjunction with administration, family and outside professionals. Responsible for modifying curriculum at multiple learning levels to maximize student learning in whole class and small group settings. Responsible for supervising students on and off campus and developing engaging student learning opportunities within the community.  Must possess excellent communication, organization and problem-solving skills. Must be a flexible thinker and a positive, energetic team player.

Special Education Teacher Assistant

We are seeking individuals who will be responsible for supporting the special education classroom teacher by supervising students in the special education classroom, on the playground, in mainstream classes, and before and after school. May implement behavior and learning plans under the direction of the teacher, working with students in small groups or individually, inside and outside of the classroom.   Must have a heart for service and bring a positive, energetic attitude.  Must be a flexible thinker.  

special education Resource Teacher

We are seeking an individual to be responsible for creating lesson plans and teaching one-to-one or in small groups. Must collaborate with classroom  teachers, educational therapists, and parents in order to learn the unique needs of each student. Will utilize mediated learning strategies to meet the individual needs of the students.  Will advocate on behalf of student. Must be invested in the success of all students and be able to differentiate instruction to work with 2-3 grade levels at one time.  Will attend weekly faculty meetings.  Must be a patient, positive, flexible thinker.

Educational Therapist

We are seeking a highly-trained individual to work with struggling learners in one-on-one or group therapy settings. Must be equipped with the ability to identify and assess student learning needs. Will create and implement individual educational therapy plans utilizing such methodologies as NILD, Lindamood-Bell, Barton Reading and Spelling, and Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment. Will utilize techniques specific to the learning goals for each student. Will advocate on behalf of students with other school personnel. Will attend bi-weekly therapist meetings.  Must be passionate about student growth, highly skilled, relational, and empathetic.  

Teacher Assistant to Grammar School

We are seeking individuals who have a heart for ministry to children in grades K-8.  Duties will include the daily execution of all classroom activities, assisting the classroom teacher to carry out lesson plans, preparing materials used in instructional activities, working one-on-one and with small groups of children.  Willingness to participate in outdoor activities and occasional field trips is required. 

outdoor disciple

We are seeking individuals who will oversee and disciple students as relationships are developed, while monitoring them during recess/lunch times.  The individuals will also encourage, motivate and discipline students as necessary. Other general tasks and responsibilities will be assigned as needed.

Coaches (Various levels and sports)