Fun and Learning Go Together at Trinity

September 1, 2017 – There is a spiritual emphasis at Trinity and our faculty knows how to teach and lead, all while having a good time! While our Rhetoric School friends are home recovering from their four-day spiritual emphasis retreat at Hume Lake, our younger friends are enjoying their day here on campus.

The 4th-6th grade ladies are treated to a “Friendship Tea” where they gather to enjoy yummy treats, and hear from Mrs. Caddow about the importance of being a good friend, and what that looks like. They had some time to get to know each other better by playing a game where they asked each other questions and collected answers on a bingo card.

Meanwhile, the 4th-6th grade boys heard from Mr. Richardson about being men of God and how that translates to their friendships and time on the playground, and even with their families. Then they went outside and enjoyed donuts together.

Our Logic School has a full day of learning and fun. They begin with team-building games. These aren’t races as much as they are cooperative efforts – how to get the beach ball across the field using just their heads, how to toss water balloons accurately and carefully so they don’t bust, or how to move scoops of watermelon held only with toothpicks down a row of students. All of this is going on while they’re getting squirted and hosed down with water, which was definitely needed with today’s scorching heat.

After their game time, they heard from Mr. Fudge about friendship, and had class discussions with their teachers. This was followed by a pizza lunch and then more teaching and group discussion. The team-building fun of the morning connects with the teaching of the afternoon, and the prayer is that the lessons heard are practiced throughout the year and even throughout their lifetimes.

This annual tradition is the way Trinity likes to start every school year, so that the culture of friendship and kindness has a foundation. Here are some photos from the day:

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