Grammar School Olympics

June 7, 2017 – Yesterday the grammar school students had an exciting day participating in the olympic games. They did long jump, base running, softball throw, obstacle course, soccer, basketball, and finished with the favorite tug-of-war against the teachers. Every grade beat the teachers except the grand finale sixth grade class, who battled but ultimately succumbed to the mighty faculty. Mr. Seitz was seen helping various grades, shedding his faculty hat in favor of helping his young friends.

Upper school students, faculty and many parent volunteers helped to make the day a success by keeping track of the multitude of students and their distance achieved in long jump, baskets scored in basketball, targets hit in softball, time elapsed in the obstacle course, and more.

The day finished with the annual family picnic. The Kona Ice truck was here to provide refreshing sweet treats to cool the families after a busy morning in the sun.

See below for a gallery of photos.


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