6th grade promotion

June 9, 2017 – This week saw the final promotion ceremony. After graduating the senior class of 2017 on Memorial Day weekend, the 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th graders last Thursday, and the 8th graders last Friday, it was finally grammar school’s turn to finish out the year. They had their Olympics and family picnic on Tuesday and then on Wednesday, the sixth grade dressed up in their Sunday best and were honored for special achievements.

After Mrs. Caddow’s welcome, the pledge of allegiance and a prayer, citizenship and straight A’s were called out by name, and all grades were promoted. Selected sixth graders spoke to each grade about what they’d accomplished that year and Mr. Seitz then promoted the class to the next grade. Noble Knights were recognized for their sacrificial service to the Imago Dei School students. Individual awards were given:

Music Scholar – Megan Perry
PE Scholar – Lily Caddow, Xander Rhee
Latin Scholar – Jack Spector
Art Scholar – Jaiden Bly
Academic Excellence – Sawyer Segulyev

Select sixth graders presented the grammar school art gift to the school and then all sixth graders crossed the stage to receive their promotion certificates as their teachers read about their favorite memories from grammar school.

A Representative from Congressman Steve Knight’s office was on hand to present the American Leadership Award to Lily Caddow. Finally, the top honor, the Sword of Merit, was awarded to Kelsey Haag. Welcome to Logic School sixth grade!

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