Music Festival Fever

May 16, 2017 – Trinity’s fine arts groups had great success again this year at the 2017 Forum Festival! Groups performed in two separate locations at Fullerton College while adjudicators listened, assessed and scored groups based on national benchmarks that are expected for the age range of the groups. Points were totaled to earn the rating of either Gold (top 10% of the nation), Silver (top 20% of the nation), Bronze (top 30% of the nation) or Merit Award (below 30%).  All of Trinity’s Fine Arts groups were recognized in either the top 10% or 20% of the nation!

Chorister Choir – Silver
Crimson Choir – Gold
Crimson Chimes – Gold
Crimson Handbells – Gold
Jazz Band – Silver
Orchestra – Gold
Wind Ensemble – Gold

In addition, special awards were give to a student in each group that exhibited excellence in the musicianship level and/or expression of playing.
  • Outstanding Musician Chorister Choir – Matias Amado
  • Outstanding Musician Crimson Choir – Cai Margrave
  • Outstanding Musician Crimson Chimes – Rachel Dever
  • Outstanding Musician Crimson Handbells – Beau Howell
  • Outstanding Musician Jazz Band – Andrew Dever
  • Outstanding Musician Orchestra – Rachel Struble
  • Outstanding Musician Wind Ensemble – Allie Brown
The judges not only gave Trinity groups high musical ratings, but made comments to both directors, Jennifer Brown and Lisa Hernacki, regarding the demeanor and professionalism that students demonstrated that day. Jennifer Brown exclaimed, “What a testimony for our Lord! Soli deo Gloria!”
Students got to celebrate their success and hard work by playing hard at Knott’s Berry Farm for the afternoon and evening!

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