Famous Americans in First Grade

April 5, 2017 – Trinity’s first grade class has been studying famous Americans throughout the school year. They read short stories about different characters and the students got to choose who they wanted to study. They got to take the book home and fill out a paper asking the person’s name, birth year, three interesting facts and date of their death.
Then in class they wrote a rough draft putting these facts together. Their rough drafts were corrected, they wrote final drafts in their best penmanship, and then memorized their paragraph.
On report day they came dressed up as their character and presented the information!
One example of the report would be:
Hello my name is Helen Keller. I was born in the year 1880.  I became blind and deaf from a high fever as a child.  I learned sign language and Braille.  I went to college and wrote a book about my life. I died in the year 1968.
First grade teacher, Mrs. Augur, said, “It is a great way to get them used to working hard on a project from start to finish, being comfortable speaking, and of course celebrating some famous Americans.”

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