Putting Science to the Test

Trinity Science Fair

Shey Margrave shared her group’s crystal experiment with Trinity 1st graders.

Jan. 26, 2017 – The Trinity Logic school science classes shared their experiments with the rest of the Trinity community at the annual Science Fair.

The Logic School Science Fair is an opportunity for students to research, plan, test and analyze a scientific topic of their choice.

Topics often range from the fields of sports, music, product analysis, chemistry of foods, to more traditional topics of physics, earth science and chemistry.  Students research their top choices in teams of 2 to 3 and create a formal hypothesis.  They then plan detailed procedures to determine if their project is “testable” in the given time and within a modest budget.

After their topic, hypothesis and step-by-step plan is set they begin testing their experiment.  As with any experiment, repetition is expected and required.

After sufficient testing has been completed the teams create detailed data tables, graphs and analyses of their data (which often requires further research) to present to judges at the Science Fair.

On the day of the Science Fair students are expected to articulate why they it, how they did it, what they did and why it turned out they way that it did.

It’s an excellent demonstration of students grappling with variables, unknowns, conflicting data (sometimes) and the ever-changing dynamic of working with others on a long-term project.  While results are varied it successfully allows students to know, practice and demonstrate the scientific method in action and not simply read about in class.

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