Rhetoric School Spiritual Emphasis Day

January 26, 2017 – A surprise speaker caused the Rhetoric School students to erupt in applause. Chris Hilkin is a youth pastor at a large church in San Diego who spoke at Hume Lake a couple of years back and is the all-time favorite speaker of our students. Our juniors and seniors have heard him

Chris Hilkin, North Coast Church Youth Pastor.

before and our freshmen and sophomores were introduced to Hilkin’s engaging style with a fantastic talk about love and sacrifice. “If it costs you nothing, it isn’t love,” said Chris, unapologetically. He encouraged them to love the unlovable and stop contemplating leaving situations just because they are difficult or uncomfortable. It doesn’t take effort to sit with your friends; it takes effort to sit with someone you don’t know or don’t feel comfortable with. Upping the ante, he said that when you get married, the day that it stops being easy and fun is the day love starts. His teaching style is energetic and dynamic, but biblical and straightforward.

Following Hilkin’s talk, the students went outside for some team-building exercises designed to make them cooperate and think through the best way to accomplish a task. They then had a snack potluck and some small group time, followed by an afternoon session with Chris where he continued his encouragement to them.

This was a great way to begin the second semester. Logic School will have their day this Friday.


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