Student Health & Medication Policy

Student Health & Medication Policy

  1. All students attending Trinity Classical Academy must have a current immunization record on record with the school office prior to school entry. You may bring in a copy of your student’s yellow immunization card or a printed immunization record from the doctor.
  2. A T-dap booster is required for all students entering 7th This shot may be given any time after the student’s 7th birthday. Please bring in documentation of meeting this requirement.
  3. A Report of Health Examination for School Entry is required for in-coming Kindergarten or First Grade students.
  4. An annual physical examination is required for all students to participate in school sports.
  5. It is expected that students are sent to school healthy, well rested and ready for class. Students with fevers above 100 degrees, diarrhea, contagious viruses, severe colds, and the like will be sent home to avoid infecting others. Students must be fever free without the assistance of medication for 24 hours before returning to school.
  6. Students who are lethargic, tired and unable to do their schoolwork will be sent home for needed rest and recuperation.
  7. Parents should provide the school with emergency numbers of friends and/or family who can pick up their sick child from school if the child becomes ill.
  8. Forms that can be obtained from the Health Office or from the school’s website under Resources are:



  1. All medication (prescription and over-the-counter) taken by students must be dispensed by one of the following:
  • Trinity Classical Academy staff person designated by the Head of School
  • Parent of the student

No student will be permitted to administer any form (prescription or over-the-counter) of medication to himself/herself or any other student except as indicated below.

  1. Student who requires medication on an as needed basis through the use of an inhaler or Epi-Pen will be permitted to self medicate if the following conditions have been met:
  • A physician has determined that the student should carry the medical inhaler or Epi-Pen on his or her person and self-administer the medication.
  • Parent must complete the Medication Dispensing Form and indicate that: “The student is able to self-administer and carry the inhaler/Epi-Pen and has been trained in its use.”
  1. Prescription and over-the-counter medication will be dispensed to students only at the written request of the parent. Parents must complete a Medication Dispensing Form before any medication can be dispensed to a student.
  2. All medications, prescription and over-the-counter must be in the original pharmaceutical container labeled with the student’s name and dosage directions.
  3. A doctor must fill out the upper portion of the Medication Dispensing form in the following cases:
  • Medication is a prescription medication
  • Over-the –counter medication is to be dispensed in a way contrary to the package instructions (ie. different dose or frequency).
  1. Over –the-counter cough drops and throat lozenges may be carried and taken by students with a hand-written note from their parents or with verbal permission from the parents to the teacher.
  2. Parents are responsible for bringing in current medications, not expired, and refilling as needed.
  3. Parent must bring home all medications at the end of the school year and provide a new, completed Medication Dispensing Form and current medications for the following school year.
  4. Please notify the School Nurse of any health concerns your student may have that may impact their school day.


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