Information Meetings

We cordially invite all families who are considering Trinity for the upcoming school year, to attend an Information Meeting and hear about the best educational opportunity in the SCV. We also extend an invitation to all members of our community who want to see and hear about our unique classical, Christian approach to education to attend one of our information meetings.

We will begin accepting applications in grades TK-12 for the 2017-18 school year on Nov. 1st and space is always limited so attend an information meeting for the best opportunity to enroll your student.

All meetings are held at our Campus at 28310 Kelly Johnson Pkwy in Valencia. Map.
Childcare is provided at evening meetings.

2016-17 Trinity Information Meetings



Aug 1 6:30pm Tour 6:30pm Tour  Jan 9  6:30pm Tour  7:00pm Mtg.
Sept 1 8:30am Mtg. 10:00 am Tour Jan 13 Kindergarten LIVE! 8:30-10:00am
Sept 12 6:30pm Tour 7:00pm Mtg.  Jan 19  8:30am Mtg.  10:00am Tour
Oct 6 8:30am Mtg. 10:00 am Tour  Feb 6  6:30pm Tour  7:00pm Mtg.
Oct 24 6:30pm Tour 10:00 am Tour Feb 10 Kindergarten LIVE! 8:30-10:00am
Nov 4 Kindergarten LIVE! 8:30-10:00am Feb 16 8:30am Mtg. 10:00am Tour
Nov 10 8:30am Mtg. 10:00 am Tour Mar 9 8:30am Mtg. 10:00am Tour
Dec 5 6:30pm Tour 7:00pm Mtg. Mar 20 6:30pm Tour 7:00pm Mtg.
Apr 24 6:30pm Tour 7:00pm Mtg.
Apr 27 8:30am Mtg. 10:00am Tour
May 8 6:30pm Tour 7:00pm Mtg.
May 18 8:30am Mtg. 10:00am Tour

Questions? Contact Trinity at 661-296-2601.