A Great Trinity Moment Seen By the World

March 11, 2014 – When Tanner Alvarez of the Desert Chapel Eagles helped Beau Howell make his first shot of the season in the CIF-SS Div. 6 Championship Game, no one had any idea it would be a moment shared around the world.

In the closing moments of Trinity’s 77-52 victory over Desert Chapel in the CIF-SS Div. 6 Championship game, Trinity Imago Dei student Beau Howell got in the game seeking his first basket of the season. After missing a few shots, Tanner Alverez of Desert Chapel, in an incredible act of sportsmanship, helped Beau sink a shot with just seconds on the clock.

The footage of that wonderful story exploded around the internet and was broadcast on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox Sports, ABC7, CBS2 and even World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, just to name a few.

Here is a list – not comprehensive, but extensive, of the places where the story has appeared.

Here is the YouTube version from the NFHS webcast that gives the whole clip – 209,000 hits as of 3/11/14…

But the story is really told best by our Santa Clarita media friends:

From Cary Osborne, Sports Editor for the Signal:

– Articles:Beau Howell: Trinity Hoops Major InspirationBeau Howell makes shot of a lifetime

– Video: Signal Sports Blitz – Trinity’s Beau Howell makes shot of a lifetime

And From Dave Caldwell of SCVTV/SCVNews:

– Article: Trinity Wins, Caddow Wows, Beau Howell Scores

– Video: Trinity Classical Academy’s Beau Howell




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