Welcome to Academic/College Advisement

Welcome to Academic/College Advisement

We are excited about how God is working through our school and invite you to join us on our journey in preparing your student for college.

Here at Trinity Classical Academy, our graduates will be prepared intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and relationally for what God has for them as men and women beyond Trinity. They will have the ability to think well, read well, speak well and write well, know what they believe and why they believe it, and they will be able to impact their culture for the Kingdom of God.

Trinity’s Rhetoric School academic program combines Christian thinking with the best of the classical tradition to cultivate thoughtful, perceptive leaders.  The academic program provides students with a strong base for selective college admission.  Trinity has designed a College Admission Timeline to specifically maximize our student’s chances for college admissions.

We believe the key to a successful college acceptance is ample preparation, so we have compiled a list of our top tips for our Rhetoric School students.

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