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Grades K-1 Early Intervention

Early Intervention is a program designed to identify young children who may benefit from an individualized program to acquire the basic skills necessary for reading and academic success.  This program provides pre-reading and reading instruction that addresses perceptual weaknesses in visual and/or auditory processing, directionality or difficulty with gross and/or fine motor activities.

Educational Therapy, Grades 2-12

Utilizing a variety of programs and techniques designed to meet the unique needs of each individual student,  students meet 1:1 with an educational therapist for two, 80-minute sessions per week. Through interactive language and explicit, intentional instruction, students are taught core academic skills and self-regulation as a foundation for higher level comprehension, written expression and reasoning. The educational therapist, plans an individualized program based on each student’s identified needs. Enrollment is by an annual, contractual agreement; average enrollment in educational therapy is three to five years.

Parents play an important part in their child’s success through faithful monitoring of therapy homework and Rhythmic Writing (one of the five core NILD techniques). There is also regular communication with classroom teacher(s) and effort is made to train students to transfer the skills they learn in educational therapy to other learning situations.

Transitions, Grades 3-12

Transitions provides small group academic support to students in the areas of math, writing and grammar.  The Transitions teacher partners with faculty, parents, and students to provide a challenging and supportive environment for successful learning.  Transitions is available to students identified with learning needs through teacher referral and educational testing.

Speech Therapy

Trinity is a language rich environment.  In order to assist students in becoming learners who not only think well but speak with excellence, we offer speech screening and speech therapy services.  For students who qualify, speech therapy services are offered on and individually contracted basis.  A licensed Speech and language Pathologist performs all formal evaluations and screenings.  After this evaluation, the SLP will review the results sand determine whether the student would benefit from speech therapy.

Social Skills Groups

Well developed social skills are among the major factors which contribute to school success.  Positive social and behavioral competence correlates with peer acceptance, teacher and parent approval, and academic success. Social Skills Groups are offered to support the social competency of students who struggle with success in this area.  Taught by an experienced social skills instructor utilizing curriculum by renowned Social Thinking expert Michelle Garcia Winner, classes meet for 1 hour after school on a semester basis.

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