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An educational battery of tests is commonly recommended when a student is having specific learning difficulties. A student’s cognitive ability, perceptual abilities and academic achievement are measured through the Supplemental Services Department using the following assessments along with informal evaluations.

The Weschler Intelligence Scales for Children [(WISC) IV] is used to evaluate cognitive abilities and intellectual abilities and is administered by an educational psychologist. We have established a relationship with a highly recommended educational psychologist in the area and would be glad to assist you in scheduling your student’s evaluation. However, we welcome outside evaluations using this tool if you have already completed this step in the process. We can also assist you in seeking this testing through the local public school system if you prefer.

Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement (WJ-III)
Practitioners use the WJ-III Tests of Achievement to help assess students for learning disabilities, determine learning variations, and help in planning individual programs.  Trinity has 5 educational therapists that are certified in the Woodcock Johnson-lll protocol.

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