Supplemental Services


Photo of Shawnee Brooks

Shawnee Brooks

Educational Therapist 2010
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Photo of Susan Christopher

Susan Christopher

Educational Therapist/Transitions Teacher 2015
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Photo of Lori Howell

Lori Howell

3rd grade teacher 2002
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Photo of Megan Howell

Megan Howell

Principal of Imago Dei School / Director of Supplemental Services 2009
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Photo of Shannon Kulp

Shannon Kulp

Professionally Certified Educational Therapist / Dyslexia Therapist / Academic & Therapy Services Coordinator 2007
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Photo of Nikki Miller

Nikki Miller

Educational Therapist / Early Interventionist 2011
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Photo of Katarina Montano

Katarina Montano

Educational and Behavioral Therapist 2016
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