Planning for our Future

20151113-IDS-Errands-687-Edit-CVRStudents leave high school and go in many different directions. Some choose to go right into the workforce and others go on to postsecondary education. Imago Dei students will have these options as well.

It is important to begin planning early for whatever path you and your student choose for the start of their adult life. Regardless of which path, identifying the skills and support your student will need to reach these goals is explored through several academic courses.

The Rhetoric School years provide the opportunity to begin working on self-determination and self-advocacy skills. Self-determination is a mix of skills a student will use throughout their life, which includes understanding his personal beliefs and values, identifying his skills and talents, and choosing a realistic future. This will empower a student to make choices and take control of their life according to his own interests, needs, and abilities. Self-advocacy is the process of speaking for oneself and the knowledge of ones rights, wishes, needs, and strengths. The common thread is knowing oneself and gaining empowerment which will enable them to participate in charting the course for their own life.

Beginning in 9th grade, students are led through discussions and activities that encourage them to think about:

  • Knowing their strengths (in and out of school)
  • Knowing the areas they need to work on (in and out of school)
  • Knowing their interests (in and out of school)
  • Knowing what kinds of support they might need and who could provide that support
  • Making their own choices and decisions
  • Knowing their rights and responsibilities
  • Planning for their future

The start of high school is an important time to begin thinking about and planning for their life after Trinity. Through specific coursework that focuses on building skills and off campus learning focused on exposing students to the variety of options that await them after high school, students begin to develop a vision for their post high school life.  A close partnership with parents and the students ensures we are all strategizing to achieve a mutually understood goal.