Group Educational Therapy

20130116-imago-dei-gr-16Group Educational Therapy Group Educational Therapy (GET), part of the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) Educational Therapy®, is a distinctive in our Imago Dei School. In GET, our Imago Dei students meet twice a week in a small group setting with 2 to 3 students and an Educational Therapist. The goal of each GET session is to strengthen the Imago Dei students’ cognitive processes by intentionally implementing a variety of techniques that will help build each student’s core academic skills, independent thinking skills, reasoning, questioning skills and self-regulation. Each of these areas are strengthened and developed as the student’s move through each session together. Each one of the techniques that are used in GET are language-based and are designed to enhance those areas where a student may be vulnerable in his or her thinking. Our time together requires each student to be actively involved as we move through each technique: having to explain his or her thinking and consider how he or she might solve a problem differently. We encourage the students to explore what they know and teach them how to access prior knowledge and experience so that they can build on their cognitive processes. Although our Imago Dei students have various developmental and leaning needs, it has been exciting to see each one of our students grow through Group Educational Therapy. Our goal for the students is not to strive to get each student to a higher academic level (although we are seeing gains in this area) but rather to help them discover the way that they think and the possibility that thinking differently could create cognitive change, thus making them stronger academically and socially.