Imago Dei School


Photo of Jasmine Benson

Jasmine Benson

Imago Dei Grammar School Teacher2014
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Photo of Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown

Grammar School Music / Imago Dei Music Therapy / Choir / Bells / Chimes2008
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Photo of Kelly Bunch

Kelly Bunch

Imago Dei Grammar School Teacher Assistant2017
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Photo of Brett Croft

Brett Croft

Teacher’s Assistant, Imago Dei Grammar School2016
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Photo of Barbara Escorza

Barbara Escorza

Imago Dei Grammar School Teacher2013
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Photo of Jessica Escorza

Jessica Escorza

Imago Dei Grammar School Teacher2017
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Photo of Megan Howell

Megan Howell

Principal of Imago Dei School / Director of Supplemental Services2009
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Photo of Shannon Kulp

Shannon Kulp

Professionally Certified Educational Therapist / Dyslexia Therapist / Academic & Therapy Services Coordinator2007
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Photo of Zach Schafer

Zach Schafer

Economics / Logic School PE / Campus Supervision / Imago Dei Strength & Conditioning2013
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Photo of Tim Smith

Tim Smith

Imago Dei Math, Bible, Vocational Technology, Conditioning and Science / NILD and FIE Educational Therapy2013
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