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Integrated Learning for Students with Developmental Disabilties

The Imago Dei School (Imago Dei is Latin for “in the image of God”) is a unique program for students with developmental disabilities such as autism. Students in the Imago Dei School benefit from instruction in a small setting with a low student-to-teacher ratio. One-on-one educational therapy, through the proven National Institute for Learning Development Discovery Program, is an instrumental part of the Imago Dei student’s education.

Students receive instruction in core academics taught by passionate educators trained in academic remediation and mediated learning strategies, as well as adaptive and social skills instruction. Additionally, Imago Dei faculty are trained in the application of Applied Behavior Analysis as a primary structure of classroom management. Art, music, athletics, electives, field trips, lunch, P.E., chapel, school-wide assemblies and events, as well as inclusion in Trinity’s “House” system of student government, are all opportunities for Imago Dei students to learn and socialize alongside their general education peers.

Now accepting applications for grammar, logic and rhetoric school students next school year.
Hours:  1-3rd grade 8:00-2:30
                4-9th grade 8:00-2:55

Imago Dei has a unique tuition structure. For further information, please contact the Director of the Imago Dei School Megan Howell at

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Imago Dei Overview
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