20140207---Classroom-Candids-1562-66-STRYTrinity is a special place to work and to go to school. Founded in 2001, it is one of the fastest growing classical, Christian schools in the country. It is a K-12 academy that seeks to not only teach, but to disciple students, in all grade levels and all levels of learning. Faculty and staff are regularly trained in the classical method, classroom management strategies, and strategies to include all types of learners. Additionally, faculty and staff are inspired and encouraged through regular worship and prayer and a culture of lifelong learning is fostered at “Inspiration Days” (commonly known as in-service days).

Trinity maintains a truly Christian culture, a body of Christ that includes dozens of churches and denominations. It strives to offer grace and forgiveness to each other, and to students and parents, setting an example for families in addressing challenges. The Bible is taught at every grade level, but much of Christianity is worked out on the playground, in sports, in the hard work of academics and other places outside of the classroom. All faculty and staff are a part of maintaining this culture, exhorting the students to do all things for the glory of God. This culture has produced graduating seniors who think well, read well and write well, know what they believe and why they believe it, and are attending top colleges and universities around the country. More than that, it is producing people that we all are pleased to know, our businesses would be happy to have as employees and our nation would be blessed to have them lead (at all levels in government, business and family).

Please read our statement of faith and our mission statement and if you would like to be a part of what God is doing at Trinity, please inquire at employment@trinityclassicalacademy.com to request an application. You may send back to employment@trinityclassicalacademy.com or drop it off at our front desk in an envelope marked “human resources.”

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