Imago Dei School Rhetoric School – Distinctives 

Graduation Requirements:  Students will follow the Imago Dei School (IDS) sequence of course offerings and graduate with an Imago Dei School diploma from Trinity.  Students may be placed in general education classes when appropriate.  The Imago Dei diploma will enable the student to attend vocational schools or a junior college upon graduation.  The Imago Dei diploma does not meet the UC or CSU course requirements.

Schedule: Imago Dei students will follow the same block schedule as all Trinity 7th-12th grade students.

Hume Lake:  Students will go to Hume Lake and be placed in cabins under the advisement of the IDS Principal and Upper School Principal.  Every effort will be made to ensure a cabin placement that will be a blessing and encouragement to each student. The focus of the Hume Lake trip is spiritual growth and relationship building.  This is a mandatory trip for all Trinity students.

House System:  Students will be placed in houses under the advisement of the IDS Principal and Upper School Principal.  House meetings are often T/TH 2:05-2:55 during study hall and sometimes outside of school hours.  IDS Students will take an Intro to Careers course while Trinity Rhetoric Students are in study hall and our students will take part in house meetings.

Senior Trip:  Imago Dei students may take a senior trip that is specific to their course of study such as a visit to an as yet undecided destination.  Fundraising for this trip will be with Trinity peers and is done by class grade level.  Family contribution is expected to be comparable to that of the general education students.

Electives:  Students will attend general education electives.  Rhetoric school IDS teachers will be responsible to modify expectations if needed.  IDS Principal and Upper School Principal will determine which electives are a good fit for IDS students. Students will benefit from a Rhetoric School mentor to help them engage fully with course expectations.

FIE:  Students will receive Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment as a class, five days per week, for thirty minutes per day

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