Fine Arts (Grammar School)

Fine Arts Wins GOLD at Forum Music Festival

May 15, 2018 – Last Friday was golden for Trinity Fine Arts.  Ninty-three students from five performing groups made the journey to the Forum Music Festival in Fullerton.  The Jazz Band, Symphony Orchestra, Crimson Choir, Crimson Chimes and Handbells all demonstrated the results of hours of practice and hard work, and followed that with a day of fun at Knott’s Berry Farm.

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Music in the Morning

November 9, 2017 – This morning, there was music in the air when the Orchestra performed for a Open House of families, friends, and faculty. Mrs. Hernacki, Orchestra director, said it was her version of a parent-teacher conference, since she doesn’t get to have those. This was her opportunity to share what her students are learning and to talk about the pieces of music.

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Music Festival Fever

May 16, 2017 – Trinity’s fine arts groups had great success again this year at the 2017 Forum Festival! Groups performed in two separate locations at Fullerton College while adjudicators listened, assessed and scored groups based on national benchmarks that are expected for the age range of the groups.

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Music (Grammar School)

Activities in general music classes include a variety of the following: singing (a cappella and with high quality recordings), responding to classical music through creative movement, developing listening, attention and self-regulation skills, learning to feel both triple and duple meter through dances, developing the ability to play in an ensemble (vocal and with simple instruments) […]

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Art (Grammar School)

Grammar School students are introduced to famous artists and how their artistic contributions helped shape the world of art as we know it today. Students will discover that the Creator made them to produce and create themselves. Students will be challenged to draw observationally, identify & draw the contour line of objects, recreate value and […]

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