Annual Favorite Math Market

April 18, 2018 – Today the entrepreneurs of the future set up shop to sell their wares. Math Market is a 7th grade project but it’s a Trinity favorite because all the grammar school grades get to come and shop at the market. They bring their money and enjoy visiting every storefront to choose the treasures that are most important to them. They can also be heard talking about what they are going to make and sell when they are in seventh grade.

This year’s treasures included plushies, slime, floam, swords, bath bombs, stress balls, paper airplanes, and wands, as well as food items like deep fried Oreos, fudge, cake pops, dirt pudding cups and more.

Math Market is a 7thgrade math unit that allows students to apply real life concepts such as profit, mark-up, discount, percent of profit, inventory, cash management, surveying, and problem solving. Students formed companies, designed a product, took out a loan, manufactured the product and sold their product at the market. Students used their loan money to purchase supplies, rent storefront space, and pay for advertising. They have needed to keep track of all expenses and receipts, making sure they can account for all the loan money. Students decided how much to charge for their product so that they reach a goal of 100% profit. Upon completion of the market, loans will be paid back and the profit will be retroactively used towards the 7thgrade trip to Catalina that was in the fall.

View photos from the market HERE.


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