Spirit Week is Wet, Wacky and Wonderful

March 22, 2018 – The week started with “Combo Day” (ketchup and mustard, peanut butter and jelly, rock/paper/scissors and various other groupings), and “Safari Day” (animals or tourists). There was participation from all four Rhetoric School Houses as well as the Logic School teams. Winners were chosen for creativity and awarded prizes.

Then “Wet-nes-day” hit us, and the judging moved inside, but the spirit remained. Students represented video games of the 20th century like PacMan and Super Mario Bros. Today, the crazy hair was very creative, and wasn’t dampened at all by the showers outside. Teachers are encouraged to participate as well, and they always show us that they are just as spirited as the students, and they love to get in on the action.

The purpose of Spirit Week is to foster a culture of camaraderie and creativity. Students team up for costumes and teams and houses compete for points based on participation. It demonstrates school spirit and gives them a chance to change things up and get out of their school uniforms.

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