The Civil War Comes to Trinity

February 14, 2018 – Last Friday, Trinity brought the Civil War to life with their annual “living history museum” and the addition of Civil War re-enactors.

They began their project a few months ago when they were assigned biographical figures and asked to create a two to four-minute presentation, complete with a story board and a prepared speech, delivered in character and in costume. The months of preparation paid off as all of the grammar school students were treated to a visit to the Living Museum to hear all about the time of the Civil War.

Civil War reenactors visited and brought with them several props, including weapons, artillery and a cavalry saddle. Being in costume and in character, the actors described their life in the war, bringing to life history that is typically only read in a book. Firing blanks from their rifles, they demonstrated in living color (and sound) just how loud and smoky the war would have been. Witnessing the re-enactment of life in the 1860s gave students an authentic historical perspective and an experience they could never receive in a classroom. Immersing themselves into these characters and then witnessing the “action” on the battlefield provides an appreciation of the trials and sacrifices American soldiers and their families experienced.


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